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Last updated: 19/Aug/2005

Apache 1.3.22 for Win32 platform including bandwidth limiting (mod_bandwidth) for testing your Flash/Website at configurable (slow) data transfer rates

As I noticed that the Flash5 development environment does support simulation for slow connections, it does only work for single SWF's. In other words: if you want to test the 'response' of a Flash setup, where one or more files (XML, SWF, ...) are loaded into the base Flash movie using LoadMovie(), LoadVariables() or XML.load(), you will see these additional files loaded at lightning speed when testing locally.

Since I don't want to mess around with local modem-to-modem setups to have a physical setup 'emulating' 56K modem connections and such, I ported mod_bandwidth (http://www.cohprog.com/mod_bandwidth.html) for Apache to the Win32 environment. Please not that the port ONLY supports bandwidth 'throttling' on a per-connection-basis. Which means that when you have N simultaneous downloads going in a bandwidth-limited directory, the transfer rate for each will be exactly the same and equalling the configured bandwidth limit. This is a 'known bug' of the port, which I'm working on to get it fixed, so that multiple simultaneous downloads will share the available (configured) bandwidth.

You may want to download the full set of binaries, configuration example and source code here (Apache-1.3.22.IA.bandwidth+full.src.rar) for compiling with MSVC6.

Or, if you have a Apache 1.3.22 setup running on Win32 (Win2K, NT4, Win9x, WinXP), you could instead download the mod_bandwidth DSO binary only (+ source code) here (mod_bandwidth.win32.bin.only.IA.rar)

Note 1: This setup is tested on Win2K Pro SP2 (+ pre-SP3 security patches) and works fine (you are reading a page that has just been delivered by this setup to you ;-) )

"Failure to load Apache module mod_xyz.so for Win32: error 126."

On a few systems the following error log line is reported: "Failure to load Apache module mod_bandwidth.so for Win32: error 126." (reported by Steve Potts)
I couldn't reproduce the error but found some info that might help. Hope it helps anyone out there who's also suffering from error 126.

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