Bermuda Triangle 'Pyramid Menu' test version 0.0.3


This is the second alpha test version of the menu system for the Bermuda Triangle Flash site. It's a bit faster than it's predecessor, though you have to see the timing to believe that. Not earth-shattering, no. Has a bit different code to show/not show parts of the fake 'menu': move around the area with your mouse to see for yourself.

NOTE: you can now click on the sub-pyramids and actually see them move:

Caveat Emptor

There's little hope to get the pyramid menu running magnitudes faster than this using the technology I use. The next versions might see some major overhaul going on as I will test a few new ideas that came up thanks to some great suggestions from the folks on the Flashcoders mailing list. Thanks to Rasheed Abdal-Aziz and Jon Bradley for their help to get my brain going again!