Bermuda Triangle 'Pyramid Menu' test version 0.0.2


This is the alpha test version of the menu system for the Bermuda Triangle Flash site. As you can see the menu is a bit slow, so I fear I need to spend quite some time improving the graphics and ActionScript as each eats about 50% of the total time spent in this Flash animation.

All right, the pyramid structure is large (7 levels of pyramids, good for 1+SUM(4*i) for i = 1 to N = 113 (n=7) pyramid elements and 'texts on the radar' stored in an array, Of course, quite a few are invisible, but they all do exist.

Caveat Emptor

The caveats I ran into while creating this menu:

Who is to blame?

This design, graphics and code is (c) copyright Gerrit E.G. 'Insh_Allah' Hobbelt.

The pyramid element was created in 3D MAX R4, rendered using Illustrator 5 and imported into Flash 5 and tweaked where necessary.