NOTE: I got a few questions about the material presented on these pages: unless explicitly stated otherwise, these files are all subject to the GPL license. The only exceptions are the MD5 portable Flash code and the extension on the example from Moock's site, which of course is subject to the same license as the original available at the Moock site.

Why GPL?

Nothing fancy. This is not to prohibit you from using this material commercially or some other sort of way of pulling your leg and sucking you dry. No way! It's just about 'credits'. You use my stuff? Excellent! I'll try to help you as much as I can, but I want in on the action in some way! 

If you want to use these examples commercially or otherwise outside the limits set by the GPL license, I do not have any problem with that. You can contact me and ask me for lifting the 'ban' of the GPL license for your site(s)/project(s). No problem with that. Nothing bad will happen to you, I'm easily bought. ;-)

I like it very much when you take a look at this material and try to learn or improve on it (oh, I'm sure there are 1000-and-1 ways to improve on this. Please feel free to send me feedback!) Yet I do mind about just taking this material as a plug-in or drop-in for your commercial product(s). I just want to make sure credit arrives where credit is due.

... That'll be the end of this rant then. Have fun and enjoy the material presented here.

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